Scientific Advisory Board

KP Biosciences is dedicated to creating dynamic technologies that will be the answer to tomorrow's virulent problems. Our team of scientific and strategic advisers are experts in their respective fields, representing the cutting edge of current bio-medical technology.

F. Brent Johnson 160x160

F. Brent Johnson, PhD

Dr. Johnson is an established virologist with 40 years of work dealing with infectious diseases. Among his many notable recognitions, he has been published in esteemed journals Virology, Bacteriology, and Clinical Microbiology. He has had considerable influence in the development of compounds in both the influenza therapeutic and herpes simplex virus therapeutic programs of KP Biosciences.

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Portrait of Rex Cates for the life sciences department in the Biology department.

April 5, 2011

Photography by Jonathan Hardy/BYU

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Rex Cates, PhD

Dr. Cates as an expert in botany. His research has been published in such peer-reviewed journals as the International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, Ecology, American Naturalist, Pharmaceutical Biology, and Biogeochemistry.

Mary Greer 160x160

Mary Greer, PhD

Dr. Greer is a molecular biologist with publications and presentations in organizations such as the Journal of Pharmaceutical Biology, the American Society of Virology, and the Plant and Animal Genome Conference. She was intimately involved in isolating and identifying the active compound in KP Biosciences' lead therapeutic program.


Merritt Andrus, PhD

Dr. Andrus is an expert in the field of synthetic and medicinal chemistry. Dr. Andrus has served as an advisor in the generation of synthetic route for the creation of F4-4. Prior to KP Biosciences, Dr. Andrus was responsible for the chemical development of Equol, a drug that was successfully licensed to NuSkin. Dr. Andrus holds a PhD from the University of Utah and was an NIH Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University.